• 01 I Believe in the Rainbow3:03
  • 02 Christopher Street2:45
  • 03 Friends of Dorothy2:31
  • 04 Playin' on the Jukebox3:31
  • 05 This Hot Summer Night3:52
  • 06 What's Going On?4:20
  • 07 Fight Back!4:26
  • 08 Sunrise on Shattered Glass3:15
  • 09 Stand Up!4:03
  • Kevin Smith Kirkwood: "On this Hot Summer Night:.mp33:52
  • Michael McConnell: "Sunrise on Shattered Glass".mp33:15

02 "Christopher Street"

09 "Stand Up!"

06 "What's Going On?"

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These are audio demos of the "Stonewall" songs. 

(You can scroll down to see Youtube links to the songs with lyrics.)

I've called upon various friends and colleagues to record the vocals.  Many thanks  especially to Stan Brown, David Castagner, Michael McConnell, Eugene Ware-Hill, and Kevin Smith Kirkwood.

These demos are here so that you can listen and get a feel for the piece. My goal is to eventually do a professional recording of the entire work with full chorus and band.

(All Songs [music, lyrics, and recordings] are © ® Copyright 2015-2018 by Michael Reno [ASCAP] and may not be used for any purposes without express permission from the writer.)

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08 "Sunrise on Shattered Glass"

featuring Stan Brown


04 "Playin' on the Jukebox"

03 "Friends of Dorothy"

Michael McConnell -

​"Sunrise On Shattered Glass"

"Stonewall Complete"

This is the full version of the piece. 32 minutes long.

07 "Fight Back!"

01 "I Believe in the Rainbow"


05 "This Hot Summer Night"

featuring Stan Brown

Music demos 

Kevin Smith Kirkwood -

     "This Hot Summer Night"